EVO Super Tight SMP Needles – By Artists, For Artists.

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EVO Super Tight SMP cartridges by EP are designed for Scalp Micropigmentation professions. These needles have been carefully designed and tested for maximum performance and durability. These are going to change the SMP game! The Evolution is here!


EVO Super Tight SMP Needles – By Artists, For Artists.

Tired of using multiple needles a treatment?  Well, with EVO Super Tight SMP Needles that’s a thing of the past!   EVO Super Tight SMP needles are super tight, durable and allow scalp micropigmentation artists to work faster and create perfect micro impressions unlike any other needle on the market. We did our due diligence and lots of trialing and testing before feeling 100% satisfied to bring these to market.  The EVOlution is here!  

> Premium quality, medical grade 0603RLT super tight needles used by PROFESSIONAL SMP ARTISTS.
> Super tight needle configuration creating crisp impressions every time
> 90 to 150+ impressions per refill allowing the artist to complete treatments faster.
> Specially modified air vent creates the perfect vacuum allowing for optimal ink flow and fast pigment refilling, as well as more space for artists to rest fingers reducing obstruction.
> No needle spreading/splaying allowing the artist to complete treatments faster.
> Clear transparent cartridge allowing the artist to see pigment levels.
> Internal needle stabilization system for a strong, stable needle with no needle wobble during treatment.
> Flexible Internal silicone membrane to stop back-flow of contaminated fluids.
> Super sharp tips, no blunting mid treatment.
> Slanted pencil shaped tip for precision.
> Sterile, single use cartridge needles.
> Universal fitting, will fit most machines.

EVO Super Tight SMP needles come in the perfect all round size of 0603RLT super tight which is the original size used for many years by leading SMP experts. When combined with the correct SMP technique, the 0603RLT super tight can produce the smallest of impressions perfect for hairline areas but can also produce fuller impressions when needed for areas where density building is required such as the crown area. In SMP, the size of the impression always comes down to the artist’s hand pressure no matter which size needle is used.

EVO Super Tight SMP Needles designed by Benji and James of Enhanced Pigment, Toronto, Canada’s Premier Scalp Micropigmentation artists.

Each box contains:
20 individually sealed membrane needle cartridges.

1 review for EVO Super Tight SMP Needles – By Artists, For Artists.

  1. Webblastmedia

    Amazing needles, by far the best needles I’ve tried yet! Amazing impressions and last forever!

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